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The key element in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle is washing. Our objective when valeting your vehicle is to make your vehicle look as good as it possibly can without any paint correction. In order to achieve and maintain a perfect shine, you must protect it from natural deterioration and dullness that occurs over time as well as introducing new defects by bad washing techniques.

Washing your vehicle can be very simple if you use the correct methodologies and products that work. Here at GCAP we have tried and tested many different products and make a decision based on your vehicles condition. The only way to keep your vehicle “as new” is to follow a consistent three step routine; Clean, Polish and Protect.

At GCAP we can look after your pride and joy for you, ensuring the condition of your paintwork is always at its best by using the finest products on the market. We offer much more than just a quick wash, like you would get from a hand car wash.

Our main valeting package is a very thorough service, ideally as a maintenance wash which we recommend every 2-3weeks. This valet process includes bodywork deep clean, interior vacuumed, cleaned and protected, glassed cleaned inside and out, paintwork is protected with pre-selected wax/sealant and so much more.

  • Vehicle rinsed to remove any loose contamination
  • Lower panels sprayed with a non-caustic traffic film remover and then rinsed
  • Snow Foam pre wash applied and left to dwell for 10 mins
  • Panel gaps and badges cleaned
  • Vehicle rinsed again to remove Snow Foam
  • All door shuts, hinges and surrounds pre sprayed and cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned with alloy wheel cleaner
  • Wheel arches washed
  • Washed with a PH neutral shampoo using 2 bucket method
  • Vehicle rinsed once again to remove shampoo
  • Blow dry (non contact dry technique) then towel dry residue water
  • Interior vacuumed and dusted
  • Dash and door cards treated and protected to the finish of your choice
  • Any litter removed
  • Glass cleaned outside
  • Glass cleaned inside
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Exterior plastics treated
  • Layer of detailing spray applied
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards




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