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Paint protection is a very important aspect of vehicle maintenance. There is no point in having the paintwork corrected and made to look stunning, if it is only going to be ruined and affected by the elements shortly after. Paint protections ensures the beautiful finish of the paint work is retained for a long period of time, meaning you can enjoy the fresh, deep glossy paintwork for a long time after correction.

At GCAP we offer a range of protection packages. Each protection package is tailored to a certain car, season, finish or look. Below are the main protection packages available at GCAP, please click them for information

This package takes your newly purchased car, which should be in reasonably excellent condition, and adds a protection to the paintwork, exterior surfaces and interior surfaces to ensure the vehicle remains at this level of quality for a long time. We tend to use well known and tested sealants and waxes for this detail.

A package designed to prepare you car for the harsh winter weather, from cold, rain, snow and grit on the roads, our package ensures your vehicle is fully protected against these elements during the winter months.

A package designed for the ultimate in vehicle protection. GTechniq offer some of the most durable sealants and protection for cars. The products used in this package offer protection up to over 30,000 miles! This is GCAP's premium protection package and is highly recommended for users with high end luxury cars.

An enhancement details offers all of the protection available in a new car protection or winter protection with the added bonus of deep gloss and shine. In this package we treat the paintwork to gloss enhancing glazes to give the paintwork a deep glossy shine, before applying LSP (last step protection).



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