Audi RS4 Gtechniq New Car Detail

This brand new Audi RS4 came in straight from the dealership to be treated to a full protection with Gtechniq products. The customer requested Audi to not wash or prepare the vehicle and instead brought it directly to us. We did a full wash and decontamination to remove all transit protection. Once removed we clayed the vehicle. Most "detailer" forget to clay brand new cars, assuming there will be on contamination. However if you look at the photos below you can see even on a few days old vehicle there were some traces of contamination that were not visible to the eye. Once clean we began to apply all the protection to all surfaces of the vehicle: paint, wheels, rubbers, plastics, glass, leather, fabric, metal and alcantara. The car now was fully protected to ensure it stayed looking its best for a long period of time.