Alfa Romeo 8C

This Alfa Romeo 8C came in for maintenance wash, protection top up and stone chip repair. The vehicle has a totally carbon fibre shell, with very thin paint meaning stone chip repairs and any correction work would have to be undertaken with extreme care. We also carried out a wheel refurbishment on the rear O/S wheel. The wheels were a limited edition Design and cost over €12,000 extra. The owner has been into a dealership who said the wheel could not be refurbished and would cost £6,000 for a new wheel. The reason for this was the type of metal and how the face is polished. We at GCAP, however, were able to get this wheel refurbed. The problem was how the wheel is polished, not the entire face is polished therefore machine polishing or ball polishing is out of the question, so long process of hand polishing was needed. After over 30hours of polishing the wheel was complete!